Hogo Works Solutions Intends to Deliver Full Customer Satisfaction With A Variety Of Business Solutions

HOGO Works Solutions is based in Mumbai while having multiple delivery centers across India. HOGO has started its service in December 2005. We have completed a lot of work for our clients. Our work includes loan lead generation, loan application, processing, mortgage & debt consolidation loan lead generation, B2B event reminder, appointment fixing, lifestyle survey, CRM application development, telesales, Ping tree management and much more. We are focusing on providing a wide spectrum of services with a capacity of 400 seats.

About Us
  • 2005Established.

    Company was launched in the summer of 2005 by business ventures.

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  • 350Projects.

    1,477 successful campaigns are created and managed by us

Work Which We Have Done



Yes, we offer telesales Services

If you are looking out for telesales service, then you don’t have to go anywhere else. You are at the right place; HOGO Works is a complete call center solution for all your needs. Our services are highly innovative and extremely customer oriented and yes we are the leading masters in the market with the latest technologies. With our vast experience in the sector, we are able to offer you the best quality service also with the correct price, which no one can offer you out there. We manage simple as well as complex projects without compromising with our standard quality. Our first and foremost task is to increase the level of customer satisfaction and decrease the handling time.

HOGO Works is a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and we proudly say that we have extended our services to some of the best companies in the market. And our client’s have always cherish our services, because only we understand what is best for you and then work accordingly. With our service your business will rule the market and we help you to reach at the top. We collaborate with you in order to assist, expand, co-sourcing, share services with your business. We also take up on-shore and off-shore services from our clients in the field of call center service. We focus on our focal points of product knowledge and quality service, which adds significant value to your brand with increased profit and thus it will boost the lifetime of the customer.

The various services provided by us includes the Call Center Service, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Customer Care, Technical Helpdesk, Email and Chat Support, Virtual Admin Support, Back Office, Data Collection, Updating and Data entry, Research Activities, Backend Service, Technical Support and Transactional Processes. We help you in every aspect of these services; hence you can rely upon us for every need of yours. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified people who works for you with full dedication and enthusiasm. With our services, we help your business to reach out to every potential customer for your products and services. Thus we help you to make your product a brand in the market. So ‘If you want to be the best, you need to work with the best’ and in HOGO Works, we offer you nothing but the best.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is very important aspect to get through any new business while conquering enough growth and market exposure to have frequent flow of quality Sales Leads. Our expert telemarketers take an intelligent, relationship-based approach to generate Leads.

We aim to generate leads while having each specific requirement of our client, as requirements differ according to business field. Therefore, we initiate by constructing a detailed knowledge of your business, target market, and of your sales proposition to give you a qualified and suitable leads for you. Our team has all the right skills and experience specifically for your business to confer multiple sales opportunities.

It guarantees about our genuine interest from our generated leads to provide you a true motive from our efforts for converting them into new business.

There are other ways to create leads like integrate Telemarketing with other forms of Email and Digital Marketing. Actually, our Integrated Telemarketing Campaigns have increased Lead Generation ROI by an average of 60%

We have been focusing in delivering such successful Lead Generation campaigns through the unmatched skills and passion in our team.



Event Reminder

HOGO has a team to handle your crucial events and tasks to remind you regularly. Today, companies have many tasks to accomplish, however it is not possible to do it with an ease. Therefore, we help you to become vigilant about your any kind of fixed event, job or call by reminding you before time effortlessly. We manage to remind you for any important meeting with a client on a specific day. You can keep updated with your weekly status meetings with your co-workers, for sending sales projections and for meeting an upcoming deadline of a project. Earlier, these services were used to send reminders for birthdays, anniversaries. However, now it can be used for many other important events for various business or personal purposes.

Missed appointments can make you suffer from increased cost and more time while finishing your previous schedules. We are giving our services to wide ranges of fields matching to your specific requirements. Therefore, we also give reminders for your personal or professional event on your mobile, in case you are unable to check your e-mail. We cater our reminding services as per requirements of companies and various industries.

Consequently, if you are struggling with your unpredictable schedules and their timings, then you can have our event reminding service. Our reminding service allows you to catch up with your busy schedule for meeting all your important appointments.


Virtual Personal Assistant


A virtual assistant is related to a personal assistant. HOGO offers virtual assistant services for back office support to any small or large company. Our assistant services help you to manage your admin tasks and save your time and effort.

Today, many large and small companies have requirements to complete their business related or personal tasks. There are professionals and directors in companies, who are having assistants to be organized. However, there is an advanced way to be attentive about your assignments. We have different ways to assist you for providing help, like scheduling your appointment, meeting with a consultant or client. Our team has an ability to execute professionalism in delivering virtual assistant service as per your business needs.

Virtual personal assistant provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients. HOGO can take care of your business-related needs very well by providing you virtual assistant services.

We have an efficient staff of virtual personal assistants to help you with all your business concerns. Our experience has been very fruitful while serving different kinds of clients. It does not matter for us, if you have any small need or large. We complete our work with full dedication.

Our service is very flexible and certain to your requirements. You can save your lot of time and money from our cost-effective service for a growth of your business.

Software Development

HOGO has a team of professional consultants helping you to select a right software solution. We understand each functional aspect such as technical, operational and other requirements. Our clients experience exactly what they seek, as we implement a complete understanding of your needs into delivering software solutions.

Our team focuses on profound requirements with strategic planning, results in covering all issues required for your specific software designing and development.

Our expert team is customized according to every requirement of our client in designing field. We have been exceeding expectations of our customers from every small and large company through our immense experience. Our software-development service is unique and helpful, giving value to client's business maneuver. Moreover, we emphasize to understand our client's business and process to deliver proper services.

Our Softwares

HR Management Software       Bulk SMS Sending       Charity Survey       SEO Management Software       Ping Tree Management       Call Center (CRM)

HR Management Software


Bulk SMS Sending


Charity Survey


SEO Management


Ping Tree Management


Call Center (CRM)


Online Payment Processing

HOGO Works Solution is giving you a choice to have a merchant account for convenience of your business. Today, many companies are taking way of online payment processing as it is a crucial part of e-Commerce.

Earlier, there was a traditional way to set up your payment processor while considering details of your background and credit checks. However, you will get an online payment processor from us with only few personal information and details of your bank account.

We have a simple, tailored, cheap and customized online payment processing solutions. There is a unique combination of modern technology and liberal personalized service. It has become a suitable option for accepting credit or debit card payments from customers.



Web Design / Development

web desing

Web Designing

Web designing is very influential for your commercial needs to utilize your website as a supporter of your business for your company. A well-designed website makes easier for users to find information. Our unique designing skills and expertise work for the best for you.

Our Work

Web designing is important for planning and creating a competent website. We are specialized in concluding, information construction, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts and images with our full creativity. Every business has varied goals and objectives to accomplish and target. Therefore, our work will be dedicated according to your requirements, and we will add important features to enhance easy functionality of your website for your customers.

Design is your key factor of web designing. There are many features, which make a website a valuable. Our team puts complete creativeness with a right combination of all designing elements.

You will get effective solutions to discover the variety of things in designing field through us. It can certainly help you to see a good picture of your website.

Advantageous Factors

  • Regular Identity of your services
  • Earn Potential users
  • More customers
  • More revenues

We provide affordable and reasonable service to you. Our team understands a substance of catering a customized solution to you.

Web Development

A website runs through a better development service

Web Development is about back-end of the website. It comprises programming and interactions on the pages. Web development services are for working ability of a website for a simple access by customers.

We ensure best for each small and large business

HOGO is a place to complete your every kind of web developing needs. There is an appropriate method to understand each programming of CGI…..and scripts like PHP by our professionals. We make sure of your smooth working efficiency of web forms. For your benefit, we keep planning to deliver the best outcome at every time.

Our Expert professionals

Our development team will work with you to create the best possible solution. Our services can help you to develop a simplest single page consists plain information to the most complex web-based results. It signifies our experience and competence to offer you an innovative way of our service.

You can send your query to get an experience of our exceptional web development service.

Our Portfolio

UK Financials       Fix My Pc Dude       Premier Cars Surrey       Feral Solutions       Save My Money UK       Extra Edge Processing

UK Financials


Fix My Pc Dude


Premier Cars Surrey


Feral Solutions


Save My Money UK


Extra Edge Processing

More Website

web development

Data Verification


Every growing company relies on a quality data, as it is a product itself. Therefore, it has to be recent and precise for earning more delightful customers. It requires constant process of reviewing and updating for maintaining quality data. It is a reason of dependability on our data verification experts.

Data verification is very important for every small or large business. It ensures a correct identification of a data. This process consists of checking data for an accuracy and confirmation.

HOGO offers data verification service with a reliability of any individual record from a varied range of sources. A process of ensuring a proper data is whole and updated according to new system, while transferring data from one source to another. Our team assures every process carefully for avoiding any condition of data loss.

Lifestyle Survey


With Lifestyle surveys, we provide desired feedbacks, comments, reviews of / for your products. Lifestyle products also help organizations to find interested customers in your services, who are in turn interested in getting potential customers. If any charitable trust or organization, looking for a voluntary involvement for serving humanity, then we are here to work as per your credentials or requirements, which will enable you to achieve. Our surveys are based on your business, where we ask different ranges of questions to consumers tailored for achieving your target audience and also geo location. These surveys are carried out on behalf of wide-ranging DMA registered companies.

HOGO performs different kinds of surveys customized according to your business expertise. We handle manifold telephone interviews/reviews per week, and each member of our team trained from our extensive teaching program and supervision.

Some of our covered categories-

  • Loans / Mortgages
  • Debt Management
  • Secured / Unsecured Loan
  • Solar Energy
  • Charities (We help you to find people, interested in voluntary involvement in aid organizations or donations)

At HOGO, we deliver your business potential leads, which you can turn into positive business customers/leads. We make them qualified leads after only receiving one or two positive answers from them. Our clients are more than delighted to maintain a mutual interest with us through our simplicity in our service.

Appointment Fixing


Appointment Fixing is admired form of marketing helpful for business across a globe. Appointment fixing is a way of setting sales appointments with specific customers beneficial for your business growth by selling products or services through a phone

Every business is working on their essential part in their own way. However, all we want is to determine a time for our benefits. Therefore, appointment fixing is a very effectual method for supporting your efforts. There is a way to carry out a successful appointment fixing while being more subtle for approaching customers. At HOGO, we maintain this technique very well to offer you an influential outcome from our appointment fixing service. We have a team, who knows how to handle a communication process to give maximum sales from customers.

Many medium or large companies have preferred us to manage their appointment fixing service. We take care of key performance to adhere with professionalism in our trained staff.

Database Marketing

Data collecting, storing and organizing is very essential in maintaining a good database for clients.HOGO delivers better database management services by implementing our learning into our work consistently. We are specialized in this field as we give value to customer data.

Database marketing services include database optimization for refined data, data acquisition for your business marketing requirements, potential area of marketing for increasing customers and customer analysis for having an understanding to develop your marketing campaigns.

Our motive of service is to give you competitive data beneficial for your company. Our clients take action with firm assurance on our high quality data. Our expert data team makes sure our data assets are secured and protected at the utmost level.


SEO-Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very effective solution for you to build a healthy position of your website. Today, people are using this service to get higher ranks of their websites. At HOGO World, we provide best SEO services by skilled professionals.

For your business growth, SEO benefits are hard to neglect to get a potential traffic to your website. We understand that every website is different in its individual way, and has different SEO needs. Therefore, you will get a tailored approach from us while targeting specific market as per your requirements.

Our expert team handles the responsibility to make you get good revenue through your websites. At this higher competitive environment, we save you lots of money by giving you SEO services at cheapest prices. We offer keyword research, online link building, strategy development, and regular reviews and content optimization services.

Therefore, you can send your query online to take a step for your website to attract frequent potential traffic of customers. In addition, our SEO service keeps a guard on you from Google's changing algorithms to maintain your ranking.

SEO Image


Pay Per Click Management

What is Pay-per click?

Pay-per click advertising is paid search, which allows your business to be rapidly seen on the results page. There is a right side of the result pages, presents sponsored links. As a result, a visitor clicks on your sponsored ads according to a basis of cost per click, and then you can expect to be paid through effective marketing to reach your target users online.

Our PPC management services can help you to achieve the better place on the page at lower prices than your opponents in the market. There is always a requirement for learning and development for creating successful campaigns.

Our service includes-

There is a transparency in our pay-per-click management services, having computable campaigns to allow us to achieve your targets. Our wide experience helps to offer you positive, tactical and outgoing service. You will get a best possibility of maximum conversion at lesser cost with an extremely target oriented approach.

The most popular Pay per Click engines are Google Ad words, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft ad Center

Hogo Works Solutions(PPC Report)

Hogo Image

Save My Money UK(PPC Report)

Save Money

Affiliate Management Services

About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a thriving online marketing regulation in which affiliates are paid a fee or structured commission for each conversion. If it is a sale or a new sign-up, or if any visitor completes an application form generating through marketing efforts of affiliates, then we provide compatible rewards to our affiliates.

Affiliate management services are an admirable choice for marketing to increase your business. In affiliate marketing, we generally use one website to create traffic to another as a part of the online marketing. We take care of our affiliates while having same approach for small to medium businesses to be successful through affiliate marketing.

Our uniqueness

We have unmatched affiliate management services among in India to get you the effective result. At HOGO Works Solution, we also produce good standard leads for our affiliate partners for their business. Moreover, we pay to our affiliates for every conversion. It is like a profit-sharing method between partners, where we make an effort to market your website to create potential traffic to your website.

Our Affiliate Marketing Management services are efficient to help our affiliates to accomplish high profits. We analyze current affiliate programs and plans by aiming to potential affiliates, offering compatible price and efficient marketing skills.