What are Telemarketing services

Telemarketing is the most common and active direct marketing skill. Straightforwardly position and start handle to spread word of mouth about your product/services along with target location and target audience in a right aspect. Telemarketing services help in produce interest among the potential customers about new products/services launch and generating professional sales leads

Telemarketing Services which Hogo Works Solutions Pvt Ltd offers involves engaging with potential customers to generate interest in products and services and also to sell & promote up-sell products to an existing customer base.

We cater to “Business to Business” and “Business to Consumer” domain with the utmost excellence. We have an experienced staff with excellent Tele callers who deliver exceptional Telemarketing services.
Hogo Works Solutions Pvt Ltd provides “Call center seat leasing”, contact center services to fully redundant and International Call Center Services, Inbound Call Center , Outbound call center, B2c,bpo etc.Professional environments that require professional support operators. Our seats are fully available with predictive dealer (Noble Systems). Based on your operations capacity all you need is few seats which are fully functional as per your need to get your work started. With Hogo Works Solutions Pvt Ltd you don’t need to sign long term contract we are flexible as per the operational needs.

Easy Setup, huge investment not required.

Plug and Play setup, easy move in.

Only pay for your requirement and increase your capacity as you grow.Short term and long term leasing available.

Telemarketing services that hogoworks offers

We, at Hog works, outfit one-stop telemarketing services. Hogo works services integrate an in deeply analysis, complete audit on totally business capability , detailed reports submissions based on your fresh or new or unique business goals and much more.

B2B telemarketing services

Our experts combine with in-deeply business knowledge and cutting edge technology available us to deliver a definite ROI (Return on investment) through “B2B” telemarketing services. We help you converting leads into qualified sales through appointment reminder setting, virtual personal assistants and telesales services

B2C telemarketing services

Hogo works helps you develop your reach into targeting marketing with high quality score “B2C” telemarketing services. Represent it complete account tapping to high volume “sales lead generation”, our team is there to purchase the potential of each sales call.

Outbound call center

Hogo Works Solutions Pvt Ltd, We can help you connect with your customers with all area of call centerservices.We works closely with you to understand you new selling tips or points (NSTs) and appropriately design each marketing strategy in order to boost your underlines.

Inbound call center

Hogo works is well qualified to handle all of your organizations inbound call center needs. We have respective clients that have conversation their internal team to us as an outside associate to advantage the energy of our experience. From inbound order taking to website observe, equality contact solutions protect customer satisfaction, high detainment rates for possible returns and increased sales.